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Time Billing

When no one else can automate your professional services time, expense and flat fee billing, we can!

Flexible invoice design using our powerful built-in invoice designer or have our professional services team create custom invoice templates to look the way you want

Our unique time, expense and flat fee professional services billing engine lets you create unlimited invoice templates, where each template contains a completely unique design to comply with the particular contract arrangements between your organisation and a specific client or group of clients.

There’s no limit to what can be done with Office Timesheets Time Billing edition’s unique billing design and template engine. Invoices can display billing data in summary or detail; or even a combination of summary and detail.

No matter what your invoice requirements, we can automate Office Timesheets to save you time, eliminate billing mistakes and maintain a highly professional image to your clients. So, stop wasting hours creating the invoices you need in Microsoft Word or Excel, eliminate billing mistakes, and completely automate your billing process.

For more information and sample invoices, please read on…

Invoice Design and Creation


  • Invoice Accounting Isolation at Client, Project and/or Phase levels.
  • Multiple tax rate setup for both time and expenses.
  • Custom Payment Terms.
  • Select any billing currency you want displayed on invoice by client, project and/or phase.
  • Easily apply discounts to invoices and choose the billable items to which the discount applies.
  • Create invoice templates in A4 and/or US page formats.
  • Include customised Cover Sheets for each of your invoice templates.
  • Complete control over design of each invoice template’s Header, Body and Footer.
  • Each invoice template can contain a unique logo image.
  • Create custom email templates to accompany each invoice template.
  • Generate invoices one at a time or invoices in batch.
  • Select unlimited client contacts in which to email your invoices send by mail.
  • Individual invoices can be sent to an unlimited number of contacts, you decide.

Billing Rate rules to automatically apply the correct rates

  • Easily set default rates by any combination of Client and/or any of Employee, Task, Project, Activity and more.
  • Easily update/modify billing rates by date.
  • Rate name and rate detail tracking.
  • Entry level markup and markdown by Percentage or Fixed amount.

Invoice Management and Tracking

  • Invoice grid with sorting, grouping and filtering by status, dates, Client/Project/Phase and more.
    View email history of your invoices.
  • Show whether or not your invoice has been exported (for import to other systems).
  • Comprehensive Payments, Adjustments, Refunds, History and Statement Management.
  • Optionally, apply and track payments from our comprehensive payment grid where you can group and/or sort payments by Date, Invoice Number, Client, Project, Phase/Milestone, Method of Payment, Amount and Status.
  • Apply partial payments.
  • Include notes for each payment.
  • Apply, view and track invoice adjustments.
  • Apply, view and track refunds.
  • Comprehensive and easy to use historical invoice tracking grid.
  • Easily view and generate statements in PDF, Excel and Word formats.

Invoice Data Export Templates

  • Easily create unlimited invoice data exports.
  • Mapping editor lets you pick specific fields to export along with the field column order.
  • Export itemised invoice data (time entry/expense entry, tax amounts, discounts, notes, etc.

Summary Reports

  • Create powerful summary data reports in minutes, and save them in re-usable templates.
  • View summary data by any element tracking levels.
  • Time Entries, Expense Entries, Rates, Calculated Rate data, Budget vs. Actual,. etc.
  • Define up to 100 data and calculated data columns.
  • Export your summary reports to Excel with click of a button.
  • Create summary based WIP reports in minutes.

Detail Reports

  • Detail data reports.
  • Over 130 pre-installed templates.
  • Invoice Ageing, Invoice Tax Reports, Employee Billings by Invoice, Employee Billings by Payment, and more.
  • Comprehensive filtering by Employees, Employee Groups, Clients, Client Groups, Projects, and more.
  • Export detail reports to PDF, Excel or Word documents with a single click.

Detail Transaction Reports

  • Quickly design detailed WIP reports in a highly interactive spreadsheet-style grid.
  • Group and Sort grid’s reporting data by any column.
  • Place fields in any column order you wish.
  • Filtering of task, time and expense entry data grid by Employee, Client, Project, Activity and more.
  • Quickly and easily save reports as reusable templates.
  • Save your report data to Excel spreadsheet in a single mouse click.


Time Billing
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