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Office Timesheets – online time tracking on your own server

Office Timesheets – online time tracking on your server

Office Timesheets provides online time tracking anytime, anywhere, from your own server, with a fully featured Web client for PCs and Macs and a mobile client for smartphones and tablets.

You buy Office Timesheets  (without Time Billing) for a one-time fee per user licence, which starts at just £79.00or for Office Timesheets with Time Billing, which starts at just £119.00.

Either way, it may be more cost-effective than the hosted version.

Office Timesheets is installed on your own server, meaning that you maintain complete control over your data.

Office Timesheets users can integrate Office Timesheets with their Windows Active Directory, which is a feature that Office Timesheets On Demand does not provide.

As you pay a one-time fee, you can increase the number of users on your licence when the need arises.

Further, maintenance is not included in the purchase price. Joining our annual support and maintenance plan ensures that you always have access to the latest version of our software and full technical support.

To sum up, with Office Timesheets – geared towards companies with their own infrastructure – you:

  • self-install and configure on your server
  • keep control of your Office Timesheets database and application
  • pay a one-time fee per software licence starting at only £79.00 or £119 with Time Billing (and annual support and maintenance at 20%, with a minimum of £345).
  • can integrate with Windows Active Directory

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