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Data Import and Export

Exporting and Importing Time and Expense Tracking Data 

Office Timesheets’ CSV-based import/export engine allows you to import data from and export data to practically any system – especially useful if you want to analyse it further in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, etc. You can select all manner of different date ranges and filters.

To make life easier still, you can also create import/export templates that will periodically update your accounting and/or line-of-business applications, making straightforward, easy, yet powerful integration a real possibility.


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Office Timesheets’ import/export engine uses the CSV file format, which is used industry-wide – it’s used with almost all spreadsheet applications, database management systems and database-driven line-of-business applications, partly because it is easy to operate.

However, despite its simplicity, it comprises valuable functions. Here are some of the things you can do with it:

• select the date range on import or export
• select and/or filter by element level/group on export
• alter the status field for tasks, time entries and expense entries to ‘Include’ or ‘Set As’
• set ‘Replace’ or ‘Use Current’ on entry difference
• replace existing tasks (or create new ones)
• delete data after export (option)
• and more…

Importing Tasks

There’s also an Office Timesheets function that allows you to synchronise data with Microsoft Project.

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