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Smartphones and Tablets

Use Office Timesheets Mobile  on  your smartphone or tablet

Thanks to our Office Timesheets Mobile web client, you can log into Office Timesheets with an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet device. Employees can enter time and expenses and submit timesheets, and managers can review employee time and submit and approve or reject employee timesheets.

Optimised for smartphone and tablet touchscreens, the Office Timesheets Mobile adaptive web client is completely straightforward – meaning you can enter time and expenses quickly and easily, wherever and whenever you choose.

You can also use the Mobile web page from your PC or Mac, providing additional flexibility.

Office Timesheets’ adaptive mobile client is so much better than an App, as all time and expenses entered are safely saved to the central database and so immediately available for reporting and any updates are automatically managed centrally, each time that you connect.

For further information and example screens, please read on…

Mobile Timesheet View 

To avoid problems with screen size constraints, our Office Timesheets Mobile team created a Mobile Timesheet View specifically for handheld devices. It cleverly adapts to both portrait and landscape orientation – and can be used on tablets, too.

Mobile Timesheet View

Time Entry Submission for Approval

The Office Timesheets Employee Time Approval screen hasn’t escaped the attentions of our mobile interface team either. Employees can view their timesheet periods, totals and status on their smartphone or tablet – and can submit/resubmit timesheets from this screen or directly from the Timesheet View.

Mobile Employee Time Approval

Mobile Expense View

With Office Timesheets Mobile you can view and enter expenses straight from your mobile device.

Mobile Expense View

Office Timesheets Mobile Manager Approvals

A further benefit of Office Timesheets Mobile is the Manager Time Approval screen, which is very similar to the Manager Approval screen in the standard Office Timesheets versions. It enables managers to view the status of their employees’ timesheets and submit them on their behalf (assuming they have rights to do so), as well as to approve or reject them – and all from their mobile device.

Mobile Manager Approval View

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