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A Timesheet Solution Built for Your Organisation

Office Timesheets adapts to your organisation’s terminology, rules and workflow. In fact, many of our customers frequently comment that, once installed and setup, Office Timesheets feels like a timesheet management system that’s been designed and coded just for them. If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement, custom-tailored timesheet solution that won’t break your budget, then you’ve just found the right solution: Office Timesheets!

What Office TimeSheets can do for you and how it does it

Record time and expenses anytime, anywhere, quickly and easily
With rules-based Billing Rates and optional Time Billing 
  • Rules-based Billing Rates allow you to match the rates at which time is recorded with the rates that apply to the specific client or contract and role or activity.
  • Optional Time Billing – We can automate your professional services time, expense and flat fee billing with our unique time, expense and flat fee professional services billing engine that lets you create unlimited invoice templates.
  • Each template can contain a unique design to comply with the particular contract arrangements between your organisation and a specific client or group of clients.
Straightforward to configure and control to manage the information you need
Comprehensive, easy to use reporting and integration to do what you need
Install on your own server or use Office Timesheets On Demand as hosted SaaS

If you would like to know more about how we can make Office Timesheets work for your business please talk to one of our consultants on 020 8423 8855.


Time Billing
Introducing Professional Services time, expense & flat fee billing

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