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Manage Security & Access

Enjoy full user control by setting separate security policies

As an administrator you can create as many user security policies as you need and assign them to different employees and employee types – e.g. administrator, manager, contractor, project manager, etc. Each employee will see only what is included in their particular policy.

Setting security policies allows you to control:

  • creating and editing employees, elements, expense codes and holidays;
  • creating and editing employee rate tables;
  • group-based viewing of time entries, tasks, employees, etc. – you define the groups;
  • granting and limiting rights by element items for tasks and/or time entries;
  • creating and modifying tasks;
  • locks over employees, tasks and time entries with administrative overrides;
  • enforcing time entry and regional options;
  • hiding sensitive financial data fields – e.g. budgets, rates;
  • how tasks are populated on timesheets – e.g. by administrator, by manager, by employee, directly, from templates, etc.;
  • many more options by user role…


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Complete Interface Control

Office Timesheets gives you complete security control – you decide exactly what users see and do, which tabs and functions they can access, depending on their security policy. You can hide entire tabs from view, or make only certain functions available.

Control Who Edits Element Items

With Office Timesheets you can set which element items users can add, change or delete – e.g. employees, elements (like clients, projects, etc), expense codes, holidays. You can also decide if employees see no rates, just their own rate, their group’s rates or all employee rates.

Comprehensive Task Security

Task security options include general data access rights; editing and copying tasks; viewing/modifying and deleting task tracking; deleting tasks with/without entries; mass updating task data; generating tasks; and editing task dates/statuses.

As with employee rates, you can set whether employees see just their own information, that of everyone in their group or all employees’ data.

Time and Expense Entry Control

As an administrator you can set whether employees can delete and/or mass update time and/or expense entries – again for themselves, for their group or for all employees.
For both time and expense entries set which employees can edit:

  • existing entries;
  • entries outside and/or within previous, current and next reporting periods;
  • entries outside task dates;
  • entry statuses.

There are other features that relate just to time entries, including settings for:

  • default start time;
  • day view time intervals (in minutes);
  • day view first and last times;
  • time spent duration only (on timesheet view)
  • time spent format – hours/minutes or decimal;
  • totals by reporting period.

You can prevent users from changing any of these options. Do bear in mind, though, that if the time entry options prevent users from changing information, Office Timesheets will use the default setting, which may not be what you want. You can, however, apply policy enforcement to all regional and language options, which is yet another useful security feature.

Manage Who Can Do What

With Office Timesheets you can allow users to set locks for themselves, their group, or all employees – e.g. by date (in the mass update function) – and you can also allow users to override any locks set by other employees.

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