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Office Timesheets On Demand – online time tracking in the cloud

Office Timesheets On Demand
– time tracking hosted in the cloud

Office Timesheets On Demand provides online time tracking anytime, anywhere, hosted in the cloud on the Office Timesheet servers.

Office Timesheets with Time Billing On Demand provides all the functionality of Office Timesheets plus powerful time billing.

Both provide a fully featured Web client for PCs and Macs and a mobile client for smartphones and tablets.

You pay for Office Timesheets On Demand monthly in advance – it works out at no more than £8 per user – or no more than £12 per user with Time Billing. The first month is pro rata with subsequent months pre-paid in full.

No installation is required – you simply log into your Office Timesheets On Demand database and begin setup.

Your data is hosted on  the Office Timesheets secure servers, which are fully guaranteed and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Office Timesheets On Demand allows you to decrease (as well as increase) your number of licences at any time.

Maintenance is included in the monthly charge.

In summary, Office Timesheets On Demand – which is typically used by companies with hosted, cloud-based IT systems – provides:

  • your data hosted on Office Timesheets’ servers
  • a low monthly fee – less than £8 per licence – or less than £12 with Time Billing
  • no installation
  • comprehensive server security with 24 hour monitoring
  • automatic backups for your Office Timesheets database
  • maintenance and upgrades included








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