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Office Timesheets Release


April 19, 2019


Lookout Software release of major upgrade for Office Timesheets, Version 7, with all-new powerful Time Billing Edition


DALLAS, Texas, USA (April 19, 2019) – Lookout Software announces the release of Office Timesheets Version 7 that includes an all-new Time Billing Edition featuring a powerful invoice template designer and invoice management system, along with many new features added to its’ Core Edition product.


Office Timesheets Version 7 Time Billing Edition contains all the features of Office Timesheets’ Core application combined with comprehensive time, flat fee, and expense billing functionality with tightly integrated billing configuration, options and features throughout the product. The Office Timesheets Time Billing Edition, most importantly, contains an extremely powerful invoice design engine with hundreds of built-in options for building customized invoice templates. Lookout Software will also offer affordable services to create custom invoice templates for customer’s unique needs, often designs that can’t be replicated with any other time billing application on the market, regardless of cost.


“We’ve received hundreds of requests for an integrated time, flat-fee and expense billing feature set within Office Timesheets. Most of our customers offer unique professional services and with that comes unique billing and contract requirements. To meet these unique requirements our customers have been forced to create their customers’ special invoices in Microsoft Word, often a tedious, time-consuming and error prone end-of month process. In recent pre-release pilot tests, we’ve been able to cut 1-2-week invoice review, finalization and sending times down to less than one day”, says Kevin Taggart, president of Lookout Software.


Office Timesheet’s Version 7 Time Billing Edition includes hundreds of integrated time billing features, including, but not limited to:
  • Invoice Tracking and Management
  • Invoice Payment Tracking
  • Invoice Adjustment Tracking (Credits, Debits and Refunds)
  • Invoice History Tracking
  • Customer, Project and Phase-based Statement Generation
  • Invoice Aging Reports
  • Invoice Tax Reports
  • Invoice Summary Reports
  • Timekeeper Billing Productivity Reports
Office Timesheets’ Core Edition has also received many feature enhancements, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Requiring Time Entry Notes for specified tasks.
  • Excluding specified tasks from the Expense Entry Sheet.
  • Options to update tasks to require or not require notes and exclude or include on the expense sheet via in mass via the Mass Update function.
  • Security control for entry rule option listed above.
  • Default settings for entry rule options listed above.
  • Sage 100 2018 and up Integration (completely re-written to work with Sage’s all-new Time Track module user privacy requirements for 3rd party applications).
  • Added additional Tax field (now tax fields 1 and 2) for both time entries and expense entries and expanded both to 3 decimal places.
  • Transaction Detail Reports – create a new report from an existing report.
  • Submit Subset of Days in Expense Sheet.
  • Summary Reports – Display the name of the template loaded.
  • Summary Reports to use Element list “SHOW AS” settings in report output.
  • Summary Reports – helpful if name of export file defaulted to the name of the template.
  • Over 20 new field options added to Detail Transaction Reports.
  • Add “Print Timesheet” option in Security Policy -> Interface -> Timesheet -> Task.
  • Enter From and To date directly from View Criteria Screen of Detail Reports.
  • Add Sort by function in Manager Approval dialog to allow user to sort (in ascending/descending order) manager approval dialog by: name, status, start, end, and hours.
  • Mobile time clock with clock-in and clock out added to mobile edition.
  • Employee rates and employee calculated rate values have been added to Office Timesheets built-in SQL Time Entry Reporting and Time Entry Monthly Reporting Views (only available in On-Premise Installations).


Customers with Office Timesheets Core Edition, both On Demand and On-Premise installations, can easily upgrade to Office Timesheets Time Billing Edition. To obtain pricing and details on upgrading to the Time Billing Edition for the UK, Ireland and Europe, visit Deepak Sareen Associates Ltd at or call +44 (0) 20 8423 8855.
Lookout Software was established in 2003 and since that time has acquired a licensed user base of over 12,000 companies and has over 100,000 end-users using its software products worldwide. Lookout Software also develops award-winning Microsoft Outlook add-ins, most notably, OfficeCalendar, an easy-to-use collaboration application that allows users to share Outlook calendar, contact, tasks and notes with colleagues without Microsoft Exchange Server.


for the UK, Ireland and Europe, contact:
Deepak Sareen Associates Ltd
+44 (0) 20 8423 8855
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